Privacy & Dignity

We recognise that life in a communal setting has a direct effect on an individual’s ability to enjoy the right of undisturbed time. We would therefore endeavour to retain as much privacy for our Service Users as possible in the following ways:

  • Provide assistance with intimate tasks as discreetly as possible.
  • Enable Service Users to furnish/equip/use their rooms in line with personal choice and their individual need.
  • Offer a range of locations around the Home for Service Users to be alone with selected others.
  • Provision of locks on individual storage space, bedrooms and other rooms in which they need to be free from disturbance or interruption.
  • Providing privacy when using the telephone, opening and receiving post and communicating with friends, relatives or advisors.
  • Ensuring strict confidentiality of information held by the home regarding individuals.


We are aware that living in a communal setting may be perceived as a surrender of independence. We would therefore encourage and develop opportunities for our Service Users to act without reference to another person by means of the following:

Providing as discreetly as possible, physical or technical support as and when required. Maximise individual ability and potential for self care, independent interaction with others, and carrying out tasks of daily living with supervision or assistance as required.

Enabling each person to take reasonable and considered risks.

To promote the possibilities for them to establish and maintain contact beyond their home environment Encourage individuals to access and participate in the planning of their care sup Each individual will be encouraged and support given to advocate for themselves. Where this is not possible or additional support is required, an advocate of personal choice will be appointed.


At all times the Home will promote choice for all individuals whilst continuing to maintain an individual and personally led service. Everyone will be respected and supported in order to fulfil their potential towards independence. We aim to achieve this by certain criteria including …

  • Provide a choice of menus promoting life skills, whilst conforming to the ethos of the home.
  • Offer individuals a wide range of educational, social and leisure activities.
  • Enable them to choose how they manage their time and the activities they take part in within their weekly schedule.

Respect individuality

Retain maximum flexibility in the daily routines of the life of the Service User within the home


Each of our Service Users have a right to their place in society. We strive to maintain full participation within society and advocate social inclusion. We will strongly advocate for service users placed within our organisation. We will pledge the following;

  • Ensure their right to vote whilst providing relevant information regarding the options available.
  • The preservation of full and equal access to all elements of the National Health Service.
  • Offer a range of locations around the Home for Service Users to be alone with selected others.
  • Assist them in claiming the appropriate benefit entitlements
  • Enable them to access public facilities.
  • Healthcare

We work hand in hand with healthcare professionals, relatives, advocates and significant others. We will ensure the following is in place;

  • Production of an up to date plan of care, based on initial and ongoing assessment.
  • Arrange for appropriate professionals to meet individual healthcare needs.
  • Establish and carry out the appropriate professional guidelines for the administration medicines.
  • Ensure they are afforded privacy and dignity in all aspects of the delivery of health and personal care.
  • Company Complaints Procedure
  • The company operates a robust complaints procedure, which is provided in all areas of service.
  • This is available in appropriate formats such as large print or Braille.

Data Protection

The company is compliant with the current data protection act and how such information is
processed, stored and retrieved.


All homes operate strict guidelines on the need for confidentiality. Staff are trained through the
internal programme(s) and robust written policy requirements – consideration will always hold the
Service User’s best interest at heart.

Service Personnel

The organisation commits to all aspects of mandatory training within the 2000 Care Standards Act, the health and social care act 2008, and essential standards of quality and safety and presents the following opportunities to each staff member to continue their professional development:

  • NVQ level 2, 3, 4 and 5 in Health & Social care
  • A1/A2 Assessor Award
  • Positive Response Training (on-site B.I.L.D. trainers)
  • Induction and foundation training
  • Medication training
  • The causes of behaviour problems, mental health issues
  • Counselling skills
  • Dementia link worker training
  • Certificate in dementia level 2 and 3

Through providing the above the company will ensure a skilled, confident and competent staff team, who will deliver a continual and consistent level of care provision for each individual throughout each potential milestone through their journey towards independence. Each individual, whether in our care or employment, will be covered by equality, anti-discriminatory practice and associated procedures. External trainers are accessed to support individualised courses required.